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REAL TIME WITH... IPC APEX EXPO 2022 SHOW & TELL MAGAZINE I I-CONNECT007 69 year gap, or last year's show, but it's so won- derful to see so much equipment on the show floor. I was surprised, actually, that there was so much equipment. Fiet: Yeah. Matties: When you walked the show floor, was there any one thing that really stood out to you? Nelson: Honestly, it was how many companies there are and big-name companies too. It's kind of crazy out here, but it's such a good network- ing opportunity and a great opportunity as I'm so new to the industry that I didn't even know what PCB manufacturing was and I'm learning about it as I go. Matties: Wow. Well again, congratulations and thank you so much. Fiet: ank you. Nelson: ank you. S&T Voices of the Show: Yan Manissadjian, Mycronic Interview by Nolan Johnson Nolan Johnson visits with Yan Manissadjian, product marketing manager with Mycronic, about the company's reasons for setting up a booth at APEX EXPO. Nolan Johnson: Yan, how does it feel to be back at the show? Yan Manissadjian: It's very interesting and excit- ing. This is a second big show we've done in three months, the first one being productronica in Europe. What we see is that the customers who did come are very happy to meet with us again. We are very happy to meet with them again, to exchange ideas, and to exchange points of view and challenges. This is really motivating because of all the work that we've done in-house during this pandemic. Because we had a pandemic, we had some big issues like everyone, but R&D didn't stop, product development didn't stop. We really wanted to keep that going on, and we were very proud, excited, and a little bit anxious about showing that. Finally, we had in Munich, and we are doing here again in San Diego, our new product, an AOI, new tower, new things. The response is very positive, so we are very, very happy. The second point is about the quality of the atten- dance. It's slower than it used to be. We all know that. But the people who came are here for a rea- son. Those who bother coming in spite of all of COVID restrictions and all that, had a purpose, they had a project. Business-wise, it's positive. We're really positively surprised. Johnson: What are your objectives for the show? Manissadjian: From the product marketing perspec- tive, I think it's making sure that what we have pro- posed and what we are showing and launching, the new products, are well positioned. It was important for us to be reassured. I mean, we did our job, we did our homework, we did all our study before, of course. But you know, there is always this little anxi- ety, when I'm launching something, making sure that people will follow you and will buy the idea. Johnson: Some verification that your assumptions and decisions were the right ones? Manissadjian: Exactly. This is one point that's very important for us to validate. The second one is filling up the orders. I mean, the books for the com- ing months. So, that's for the sales team here in the U.S. Johnson: Yan, thank you. Manissadjian: You're wel- come.

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