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88 I-CONNECT007 I REAL TIME WITH... IPC APEX EXPO 2022 SHOW & TELL MAGAZINE Interview by Edy Yu I-CONNECT007 Susann Chen has been engaged in electronics and electrical manufacturing for more than 26 years. She is the member of IPC TAEC-Global, Chair of IPC ASSC, Chair of IPC/WHMA-A- 620C-Rail Transit Addendum, co-chair of 7-31f China Task Group, vice-chair of IPC-A-610G- Rail Transit Addendum, and an active member of many task groups. For years, she has been dedicated to broadening and deepening IPC's influence in international scope and commit- ted to devoting more efforts to the contribu- tion of IPC mission and aspirational goals. She has exhibited ongoing leadership and has made significant contributions of her time and talent to the association and the electronics intercon- nect industry. She cooperates with IPC China to successfully convene technical conferences and competitions, prompts the in-depth coop- eration between IPC and the rail transit indus- try in China, encourages the participation in IPC trainings and events, and is committed to prompting crossover cooperation. Zhiman (Susann) Chen Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric Co., Ltd. Conversations With Two IPC President's Award Winners The IPC President's Award is given to IPC members who have exhibited ongoing leadership in IPC and have made significant contributions of their time and talent to the association and the electron- ics interconnect industry. Individuals can receive this award only once. The award is a personal honor to recognize the winners' selfless dedication to the electronics industry in terms of their time, expertise, and leadership. It is these people's selfless dedication and hard work that promote the progress and development of IPC and the industry. The recipients are: Zhiman (Susann) Chen, Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric Co., Ltd.; Joe Kane, BAE Systems; and John Walls, Aegis Software. Interviews with Zhiman (Susann) Chen and Joe Kane follow. The editor of PCB007 China Magazine interviewed Zhiman about this award. Zhiman (Susann) Chen

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