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MARCH 2022 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 59 electronics industry, but they have also given me the opportunity to help bridge the gaps that I see in my own education. How was the transi- tion from college to a professional career? Fiet: I think the transition was made easier due to my internship experiences. I was able to learn from industry professionals who mentored me on workplace etiquette, enhanced my prob- lem-solving skills, and who support me even now. You have some internship experiences, don't you Hannah? What has that been like? Nelson: At first, I thought the transition between school and my internship was dif- ficult, but what helped me was networking with other company employees. I was not only able to learn more about Caterpillar's com- pany culture, but I was also able to realize that these individuals were there to help me grow throughout my internship. Fiet: It's been nice getting to know you, Hannah. Nelson: You as well, I'll see you at IPC Sum- merCom. SMT007 Paige Fiet is a process engineer at TTM-Logan. Hannah Nelson is a student at Valparaiso University. Both are in the IPC Emerging Engineer Program. Fiet: I'm so glad you've had that experience. When I was a junior in college, I was just start- ing to figure out what I wanted to do post-grad- uation. What part of the electronics industry are you thinking about working in? Nelson: Well, as a current junior, I graduate May 2023 and I am honestly still trying to fig- ure out my future career. Currently though, I am passionate about exploring the renewable energy and aerospace divisions of the elec- tronics industry. Fiet: You have a really bright future ahead of you. I am very impressed with what I've seen so far, and I could not have chosen a better successor for my position on IPC's Board of Directors. e Board was wonderful to work with and I really learned a lot about the varying aspects of the industry and what's important to each of them. It was also exciting to share feed- back from a student's perspective. What did you think when you first met the Board at IPC APEX EXPO? Nelson: My first time meeting the board was incredible. e best part was understanding that even though they are well respected in their careers, they are people too. ey have not only mentored me to find my passion in the

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