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APRIL 2022 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 19 effect emerges in terms of how you should have changed the pressure, the angle, the velocity, or the viscosity of the solder paste to decrease the number of defects. ere is a dependent variable in terms of how the stencil was designed to process in which you feed back not only to the stencil maker but eventually back to the OEM to say, "We have some best practices here that will improve quality, yield, and throughput. But it means you need to change some of your library functions, because we've been forced to change them for you in making the stencil because of what we're learning." e whole point of digitization is closing those loops for better performance, which hope- fully at the bottom line means productivity, profits, and return on investment. Matties: Matt, do you have any closing thoughts? Kelly: I think we're all saying the same thing. Taking all this and putting it into real execu- tion and implementation next steps is key in moving the needle forward. It's not easy. Matties: No, it's not. Kelly: Happy, I really like your approach. You should start small with very digest- ible projects that are successful and deliver value, so you can obtain funding for the next one. Treat it as Lego building bricks, for example. Holden: It all starts with design. But when you're in manufacturing, it all starts with insightful engineering in terms of cause and effect and the root cause of this problem, however you define that problem. Kelly: anks everyone. Johnson: anks everybody. SMT007 Hundreds of experts from around the world will discuss electronics manufacturing standards in more than 80 standards meetings May 7–12, 2022 at IPC SummerCom in Milwaukee at the Wiscon- sin Center. Facilitated by representatives from OEMs, PCB manufacturers, EMS providers, design firms, and other organizations, IPC standards development committees establish benchmarks for excellence in electronics manufacturing. According to David Bergman, IPC vice pres- ident of standards and technology, "IPC's inter- nationally recognized standards cover nearly every stage of the elec- tronics product devel- opment cycle. Through standards committee meetings, everyone in the industry can engage in an exchange of ideas about current industry trends as well as the iden- tification of new standards and updating of cur- rent ones. IPC standards help our member com- panies ensure superior quality, reliability, and con- sistency in electronics manufacturing." Standards development committee meetings will cover: industry benchmarks in assembly and joining; assembly equipment, base materi- als; cleaning and coating; electronic documenta- tion technology; electronic product data descrip- tion; embedded devices; environment, health and safety; fabrication processes; flexible and rigid- flex printed boards; high speed/high-frequency interconnection; management; packaged elec- tronics components; printed board design, printed electronics; process control; product assurance; product reliability; rigid printed boards; terms and definitions; testing; and wearable electronics/ e-textiles. This year, IPC SummerCom will be co-located with the Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo (EWPTE). IPC SummerCom registration gives participants free access to EWPTE. Helping the World Build Electronics Better

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