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38 SMT007 MAGAZINE I MAY 2022 To get an upgrade, choose a quality oven with inline ability. It will help improve speed and reduce the number of boards wasted dur- ing testing through features like predictive pro- filing soware. To boost throughput even fur- ther, you can go with the two-head pick-and- place. Robert Keeley Electronics runs the two- head version of our 128-feeder-port machine, with great results for its on-demand-produc- tion guitar effect pedals. Another equipment line option for high-mix, low-volume is what music company Critter & Guitari is currently running. It has a standout pick-and-place option for high-mix applica- tions since it can handle up to 160 feeder ports (96 feeder ports when used as inline). is allows their operators to have feeders for mul- tiple jobs resident on the same machine, thus reducing changeover time. When asked about their lineup, designer and founder of Critter & Guitari, Owen Osborn said, "is mix of equipment provides us with a small-footprint PCB assembly line. It really only took a few days to set up and it is easy to get up and running each day." If inline ability is important to you, but you don't want to sacrifice feeder ports, you could go with a larger pick-and-place that allows for 250+ feeder ports when used as a batch machine, so it will still have 190+ ports avail- able when operating with inline capability. Having this high number of feeder ports is a game changer for high-mix applications, and the ability to have conveyors can reduce the number of mishaps that can happen on boards during transport to the oven. Expert Tip: Choosing a Smart feeder can help you get the most out of the feeders you use with your pick-and-place machine. Having a built-in screen for monitoring part quantities, feeder slot locations, part num- bers, part values, and more—all while the machine is in-use or offline—can greatly improve throughput. By choosing equipment that can help maxi- mize your feeder capacity, you will be able to optimize your throughput ability. SMT007 Emmalee Gagnon writes about SMT-related topics and customer stories for Manncorp. To read past columns or contact Gagnon, click here. Figure 2: The Critter & Guitari high-mix production setup with a 160-feeder port pick-and-place machine.

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