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MAY 2022 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 21 Kolar: ose are called internal designer meet- ings (laughs). Matties: at's really what we want to do here— acknowledge that this is the reality. Kolar: It doesn't have to be that way though. It can work smoothly if you have the right collaboration or project management at the end. Also, a lot of fab vendors like to have the appearance of being easy to work with: "Just throw your data over the wall and we'll take care of it." Sometimes, you wonder if the fab- ricator is just going to make some assumptions vs. opening the cupboards a little bit and see- ing what's messy. Johnson: ose assumptions rarely get back into the original design so that the OEM knows how it's being built. Grunwald: Right. It's also going to just add time to your manufacturing process. If your fab shop ends up having to come back with DFM questions, that's just added time. If you ask for a five-day spin, the five days may not start until that DFM is clean. Matties: Happy, did you have any final thoughts here? Holden: We've had to live with this for years, and every time we move forward, everything gets more complex, and we're still back to more vacuums. Grunwald: One reason that you shouldn't make assumptions is that manufacturing processes are changing so quickly and improving. If you don't ask your board shop, you don't know what you might be missing out on. Shaughnessy: is has been very good. ank you both. Kolar: ank you all. DESIGN007

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