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68 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I MAY 2022 EIPC Technical Snapshot: High-end PCB Market Requirements and Technology Trends E e European Institute for the PCB Commu- nity (EIPC) continues to provide an efficient platform for following and pursuing new devel- opments. Its Technical Snapshot webinar has become established as a must-attend monthly event, and consistently delivers essential infor- mation of the highest caliber and relevance. Improved Thermal Interface Materials for Cooling High-Power Electronics E Heat has been a significant concern in electronics since the beginning of the electronics age when hot glowing vacuum tubes were first used to receive and transmit data bits. e transistor and integrated circuit effectively solved that basic problem but increases in integration resulted in increased concentration of heat, exacerbated by relentless increases in operating frequency. Insulectro Gears up for More Business in Canada E Insulectro, North America's largest distributor of materials for use in manufacture of printed circuit boards and printed electronics, has broadened its commitment to Canadian busi- ness. It has acquired more warehouse space in Scarborough, Ontario, significantly increasing its local presence and capabilities in Canada. Testing Todd: Has Universal Fixture Testing Gone the Way of the Dodo? E Although flying probe testers have become common place in today's manufacturing the- atre, one must wonder if the fixture tester, specifically the universal grid or "pin in hole" fixture has any valuable use in the electrical test arena? e advancements in flying probe tech- nology are undisputed with the new abilities to do many of the tests that benchtop testing historically required. Measuring Multiple Lamination Reliability for Low-loss Materials E Taiwan Union Technology Corporation (TUC) provides copper-clad laminates and dielectric resin composites used to manufacture PCBs. e enthalpy of these resin composites meets and exceeds customers' objectives and shows the deterioration of the resin's physical proper- ties because of multiple lamination cycles. The Plating Forum: How the Pandemic Impacted PCB Manufacturing E anks to its classification as an essential busi- ness associated with national security, PCB manufacturing in the U.S. was exempt from pandemic shutdowns; it was not, however, immune to supply chain disruption. Raw mate- rials shortages set the stage for higher prices. Companies that relied on just in time (Kan- ban) inventory management held back prod- uct, further burdening the supply chain. Happy's Tech Talk #6: Looking at the Process of Repanelization E I have spent many years in printed circuit fab- rication, including nearly 20% of my career in Asia. One problem that concerns all fabricators is the issue of how many 'X-outs' are allowed per assembly sub-panel array. Here are a cou- ple of solutions I have used and encountered in my travels.

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