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90 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I MAY 2022 I recently spoke with Joey Rodriguez, director of product management for MacroFab, which just announced a major partnership with Altium that brings supply chain information to Altium users much earlier in the design cycle. Joey and I discussed his AltiumLive presentation, now available online, which provides details about MacroFab's efforts to "left-shift" supply chain information, and the need for designers to think holistically about the supply chain as early as possible in the design cycle. 25-year veteran of laminate manufacturing, provides essential infor- mation for everyone, including the experts, because the materials and applications for laminates are constantly changing. Demand contin- ues to increase for boards used in con- sumer electronics, intelligent machines used in manufactur- ing, and smart devices for health services applications. Our industry needs more smart people designing PCBs to help drive artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives and power the Internet of Things (IoT), which is why we are welcoming new designers into the fold every day. TOP TEN AltiumLive 2022: MacroFab Unites Design and Manufacturing in One Domain A Definitive Review of High-Performance Materials Book The specialists at Isola have written an excellent book about high performance materials, now available for download from I-Connect007. Author Michael Gay, a Additive Design: Same Steps, Different Order We recently spoke with Dave Torp, CEO of Winonics, about the company's additive and semi-additive processes and what PCB designers need to know if they're considering designing boards with these new technologies. As Dave explains, addi- tive design is not much different from traditional design, but the steps in the design cycle are out of order, and additive design- ers must communicate with their fabricators because so much of the new processes are still proprietary. Joey Rodriguez EDITOR'S PICKS Connect the Dots: Six Key Considerations for Designers New to PCB Layout

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