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10 SMT007 MAGAZINE I JULY 2022 Divyash Patel of MX2 Technology is a lead- ing cybersecurity expert who's sounding the alarm about getting your company into a state of readiness. But he's not yelling fire in a the- ater. Whether it's aligning with DoD's CMMC, or just ensuring your company's data and pro- cesses are protected, Divyash can see what's coming. "is is a must-have compliance pro- gram," he says. "It needs to be taken seriously and maintained." Nolan Johnson: Divyash, we are here to learn more about CMMC, and how it fits into today's current cybersecurity concerns. Divyash Patel: From a manufacturing stand- point, I've seen a lot of inconsistencies on how companies treat government data—gen- eral government, not even DoD. Many manu- facturing companies don't have any processes or formal cybersecurity awareness training in place regarding such information, especially when it's confidential, especially involving the DoD. ere are many businesses where this information was just flowing through as if it were written on a napkin somewhere. at shows me there is a big gap. ese companies are nowhere near meeting the most basic standards, not even CMMC level one. at's a problem, especially if the DoD is requiring compliance to be pushed up and down the supply chain. Executives don't seem to be taking this as seriously as they should, but it could become a deal-breaker for continuing Time to Get Serious About CMMC Readiness Feature Interview by Nolan Johnson and Barry Matties I-CONNECT007

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