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PCB data packages commonly generate fabricator DFM feedback ques- tions that require resolution. Resolving these issues delays the manufac- turing cycle time. There are many methods and techniques to reduce the DFM issues, such as working with the fabricator to review proposed stackup materials and impedance structures early in the design cycle. Another common method is to generate a company specific acceptance specification For any sizable design, PCBs are usually designed by a team of multiple design engineers (EEs) creating the schematic and multiple layout designers plac- ing all the parts on the board and routing the traces. For a successful design, a multitude of interactions requires mandatory mechanisms to keep everyone on the same page during the design process. The prevalent mindset of late seems to be "tools maketh the designer." I have noticed this in ECAD tool marketing, discussions with customers (past, present, prospective), and conversations with colleagues. While I am an advocate of having the right tool for the right job, this should be tempered with good old-fashioned know-how. Why do coatings sometimes fail in ser- vice? What are the steps you can take to avoid failure in the first place? At Electrolube, we take great care in our research, product formulation and developing the appropriate processing and application techniques for our prod- ucts, because we know that, on occasion, conformal coatings can fail. TOP TEN All Systems Go: Can You Design Without Electronic Data Management? Adventures in Engineering: A Penny Primer on PCB Design Fundamentals Dana on Data: DFM Issue Reduction—Company-specific PCB Acceptance Specifications EDITOR'S PICKS Sensible Design: Why Some Conformal Coatings Fail in Service that provides requirements that are not covered in referenced IPC specifications and include negotiated DFM issue resolutions. 78 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JULY 2022

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