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66 SMT007 MAGAZINE I SEPTEMBER 2022 Feature Interview by Andy Shaughnessy I-CONNECT007 ere's one lesson that all designers have learned over the past few years: Components might be here today and gone tomorrow, so tracking your parts is more important than ever. Any resources that help you keep tabs on your required parts are invaluable in these days of 40-week lead times. Earlier this year, Altium released one such resource: the Electronic Design to Delivery Index (EDDI) report. Assembled from mil- lions of bytes of data gleaned from the Octopart search engineer and the Nexar platform, the monthly EDDI report provides part availabil- ity histories going back years, as well as a real- time snapshot of global inventories. It's free to download. We asked Dan Schoenfelder, head of Nexar sales, to discuss the EDDI document and why PCB designers should take advantage of this handy report. Andy Shaughnessy: Dan, welcome. You all have been talking about this EDDI report. I had the chance to review it, and it's pretty interesting. Would you walk me through it? Dan Schoenfelder: Yes. Altium has a really inter- esting place in the market, where we have user experiences that span design, supply chain, and manufacturing workflows. Because of that, we have a lot of interesting data that we col- lect and which we mine to provide trends back to the electronics industry. Any stakeholder in the electronics space can benefit from this information. One of these products is the Elec- tronic Design to Delivery Index, affectionately referred to as the EDDI. We have two major signals: One is an indus- try supply signal and the other is an industry demand signal. ey're both intended to give stakeholders a view of where the things stand

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