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78 SMT007 MAGAZINE I SEPTEMBER 2022 Editor's note: Indium Corporation's Ron Lasky continues this series of columns about Maggie Benson, a fictional character, to demonstrate continuous improvement and education in SMT assembly. Andy and Sue were having pizza before they went to their pre-calculus class. "Now I'm really confused," Andy sighed. "Limits!" "How so?" Sue inquired. "I don't see how the limit of sin(x) divided by x equals 1 as x goes to 0," Andy groaned. "Remember the professor told us that sin(x) can be expressed in a power series and the first term is x. All other terms are higher order, and they go to 0 much more quickly as x goes to 0. So, for small values of x, sin(x) = x," Sue explained. Solving for 'X' "I see it now. It's actually kind of obvious the way you explained it," Andy said as a compli- ment. "You know, you are better at math than you think," Sue said, encouragingly. "You have almost a 95% on the three quizzes and that is an A." Maggie Benson's Journey by Dr. Ronald C. Lasky, INDIUM CORPORATION Figure 1: Because the first term in the power series expansion of sin(x) = x, the limit of sin(x) over x goes to 1 as x goes to 0.

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