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42 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I SEPTEMBER 2022 PCB Finance Class With Jeff De Serrano E Class is in session! PCB Technologies Presi- dent Jeff De Serrano takes us through some of the struggles of the PCB industry over the past 30 years, how U.S. legislation seeks to level the playing field, and whether a "monopoly" of fab- ricators is healthy for our industry. In his chat with Nolan Johnson, Jeff gets out his investment playbook and talks strategy. Don't miss this one. IPC's I-Connect007 Acquisition Update With John Mitchell E Editor Nolan Johnson speaks with I-Con- nect007 Publisher Barry Matties and IPC President and CEO John Mitchell about IPC's acquisition of the publishing company, and what this means to I-Connect007's readers. The New Chapter: My Time on the IPC Board of Directors—Standing on the Shoulders of Giants E At Joe O'Neil's Hall of Fame ceremony in Janu- ary, he talked about his first IPC APEX EXPO. He said he felt he was sitting at a table with the "giants of industry." at analogy perfectly describes how I felt during my tenure on IPC's Board of Directors. Punching Out: Concerns About ESG Issues in PCB M&A E Recently, ESG issues have become more prom- inent in business as well as in M&A deals. e PCB industry has dealt with environmental issues before, so it's not really anything new. Water and waste treatment regulations have been in place for many years and the standards continue to increase. Q4 Concerns: Hold on to Your Hats E IPC Chief Economist Shawn DuBravac has plenty to share about the state of the U.S. economy and how the electronics manufacturing industry might weather the storms of high inflation, rising interest rates, and low unemployment. What's Going On in Congress? Your Handy Guide to PCB Legislation Headlines E We know you have so many questions about what the legislation means for you. Will there be funds to expand or upgrade my facilities? What about tax breaks? How will my specific needs be known? What will the current legisla- tion mean for U.S. vs. China relations? Happy's Tech Talk #10: Optical Align- ment/Coupon Welding for Stackups E In this month's column, I will discuss optical alignment for pinless lamination stackup, a topic that complements the induction lamina- tion in my November 2021 column. Pin tooling plates have been used for lamination since it first started sometime in the 1960s. Dan's Biz Bookshelf: Leading With Gratitude E I like this book because gratitude is something in which I have always believed. So, it was fun for me to find a book, a very good book I might add, that said the same thing. Schweizer Announces Preliminary Results for 1H2022 E According to preliminary figures, the SCH- WEIZER Group achieved consolidated sales of EUR 64.6 million in the first half of 2022 (first half of 2021: EUR 59.4 million).

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