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54 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I SEPTEMBER 2022 Bruno Gaido was a young radioman-gunner portrayed by Nick Jonas in the 2019 movie "Midway." An early scene shows a Japanese bomber trying to sink the USS Enterprise by crashing into it with his plane. e scene shows the bravery of Bruno as he ran across the deck of the ship and jumped into the rear seat of a parked airplane, using its guns to shoot back. His shooting damaged the bomber just enough to force it off course, thereby saving the ship just as the bomber crashed into Bruno's plane, cutting the plane in half and spinning it around. is spectacle was amazing, but I quickly dismissed it as "Star Wars" action-adventure fiction. Could it seriously have happened that, with just seconds to act, a man heroically saves the day while the attacker hits the plane he's sit- ting in and yet he survives? Talk about a classic "jumping-the-shark" moment. It seemed like such a Hollywood fabrication that I decided to research this event to get the real story. Imagine my surprise when I learned Success Begins With a Little Confidence that not only is it a true story, but the movie was based on eyewitness accounts and ship records, so that is exactly how it happened, including Admiral William Halsey spot-promoting Bruno to Aircra Machinist Mate First Class for saving the ship. As impressive as that was, I learned some other interesting facts about Bruno not shown in the movie 1 . For instance, Bruno had a reputa- tion of being a tough customer and was known as someone who got the job done without a lot of self-promotion. In fact, when Admiral Halsey promoted Bruno, a search party was formed because Bruno was trying to avoid attention. In addition to shunning the spot- light, he was known to invest in others for their benefit, not his own. Tim's Takeaways by Tim Haag, FIRST PAGE SAGE

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