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70 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I SEPTEMBER 2022 Feature Article by Malcolm Thompson NEXTFLEX e chip shortage is by no means over, with estimates expecting it will last into 2023. Some could see it taking even longer, such as Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger, who expects it to see shortages into 2024 due to those now impact- ing electronics production equipment 1 . But if there's any bright spot to be had, it's that a crisis oen leads to long-term solutions. In this case, it's the increase in government funding for semiconductor production in the United States. Once the CHIPS Act proceeds, we can significantly accelerate building semiconduc- tor fabs in the United States and work toward preventing future chip shortages that would put us back into our current situation. In Every Challenge, There Is Opportunity e impact of the chip shortage on auto- motive production and consumer electronics has highlighted the importance that electron- ics now play in our lives, from lawmakers to everyday consumers. e ongoing disruptions to chip supply and production have rippled through broad parts of medical, industrial, defense, and aerospace. Everstream data 2 now says the average lead time for advanced chips is 52 weeks. is is a problem that affects us all. ankfully, because of this broad impact, lawmakers and industry members have recog- nized that the chip shortage goes beyond just silicon foundries. The Chip Shortage Leads to Innovation

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