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78 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I SEPTEMBER 2022 Interview by Andy Shaughnessy I-CONNECT007 We recently held a roundtable with a team of printed electronic circuit experts from companies that run the gamut: John Lee and Kevin Miller of Insulectro, Mike Wagner of Butler Technologies, Tom Bianchi of East- print, and John Voultos of Sheldahl Flexible Technologies. In the first part of this roundtable, the team dispelled a variety of myths surrounding PEC. In this second part of the roundtable, the par- ticipants discuss what designers and fabrica- tors need to know to jump into printed elec- tronics, and some of the drivers behind this growing technology. Andy Shaughnessy: We've looked at some of the myths about PEC. Now, how would a fab- ricator or PCB designer get involved in doing printed electronics? What resources are avail- able? What's the first step? Tom Bianchi: Talk to Eastprint, Butler Technol- ogies, or John at Sheldahl. at's the first step. Mike Wagner: Prior to the pandemic, one easy way was going to specific shows that had printed electronics as their theme. Eastprint was there and you could find the material sup- pliers they use, or Butler Technologies. You can talk to everybody—the material suppliers and the integrators—and come out of there with a whole set of suppliers to produce a product for you. You still have to seek those out. Sometimes, the shows are virtual, and others are going back to in-person, but I would get involved with those groups, whether it's online forums or actual printed electronics shows, and you'll meet the right crowd. at's how I got involved—by going to these shows and networking at these events. Kevin Miller: When I started in the printed electronics world, I'd spent 25 years in buil ding and supporting the printed circuit boards The Printed Electronics Roundtable, Part 2

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