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24 SMT007 MAGAZINE I OCTOBER 2022 Rob Boguski: Hot on the Trail of SMTA Feature Interview by Andy Shaughnessy I-CONNECT007 Andy Shaughnessy recently spoke with Rob Boguski, president of Fremont, California- based Datest and an SMTA vice president and board member. In this excerpt from the inter- view, Rob offers a p review o f S MTA I nterna- tional, and gives an update on SMTA's plan- ning strategy for the next five years. The full audio interview can be found here. Andy Shaughnessy: I'm here this aernoon with Rob Boguski, president of Datest, and a long- term member and leader at SMTA. How are things going, Rob? Rob Boguski: It's a busy time, Andy. In spite of the pandemic, business has been, well, busy. ere are a lot of new opportunities, a lot o f new industries, which for us is wonderful. Shaughnessy: Tell me about your role with SMTA. Boguski: My off-hours job is being a member of the board of SMTA. I'm finishing the third year of my term. I'm currently vice president of membership, so in that regard, I chair two committees: the Membership Committee and the Chapter Leadership Committee. Member- ship oversees everything that has to do with attracting new members, onboarding, and then retaining them, hopefully by showing them the full range of benefits available that SMTA offers. Chapter Leadership looks at and works closely with each one of our 40-some individual chapters around the world and helps them as a resource. If they're having problems attracting and retaining officers, looking for speakers, or maybe somewhat dormant and want to revive their chapter, we help them out by encouraging them, bringing speakers, attending their events, providing constructive feedback, and so forth. I shepherd the people who do that sort of thing and hopefully promote our organization Rob Boguski

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