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36 SMT007 MAGAZINE I OCTOBER 2022 What is the most recent skill you have added to your toolbox? As I was sharing my recent accomplishments with one of my mentors, she asked me to think of my new skills as new tools added to my tool- box. at conversation gave me a different per- spective to reflect on the skills I had collected so far and encouraged me to strategically plan the next steps in my career. I started gravitat- ing toward the idea of this imaginary toolbox and collected skills which adhered to my core values of creating a sustainable and purpose- driven career. While planning the theme for the 2022 Wom- en's Leadership Program (WLP) at SMTA Inter- national, I discussed this idea with the organiz- ing committee, and it was very well received. We brainstormed on how to bring this idea to real- Women's Leadership Program: Technology Innovations and Career Advancement ity and enable women col- leagues to advance their careers. We realized that taking the time to reflect on the skills you have in your toolbox makes you self-aware and recognize your self-worth. Know- ing what you bring to the table helps you build the confidence you need to navigate your career. Hence, the concept of a toolbox seemed appro- priate for the WLP, as the goal of this session is to empower women to explore technology innovations and career progression in the elec- tronics industry. I hope you are ready to think about the skills in your toolbox that could help with your career advancement. Priyanka Dobriyal Feature Article by Priyanka Dobriyal Intel Corporation; Program Track Director, Women's Leadership Program, SMTAI

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