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56 SMT007 MAGAZINE I OCTOBER 2022 SMTA International hosts its annual Technical Program Oct. 31 through Nov. 3, concurrent with the trade show. e technical program aims to demonstrate and advance innovations in the following areas: Advanced Packaging Technology, High Performance and Reliability, Intercon- nect Research and Reliability, Low Temperature Solder, Manufacturing Excellence, Materials for Electronics, Medical and Defense Symposium, Technical Innovations, and Test and Inspection. Visit to register. e following is a list of the presentations in each of the categories. Advanced Packaging Technology Tuesday, November 1 Development of Si-Interposers for 3D Heterogeneous Integration John Allgair, BRIDG Board-Level Reliability Test Method and the Automotive Electronics Council Thomas Koschmieder, Veoneer, LLC High Speed Transmission Characteristics on RDL Interposer Using Low Loss and Low Stress Dielectric Materials for High Performance Computing Application Satoru Kuramochi, P.E., Dai Nippon Printing Comparison of Component Assembly Process-reliability Relationships of Low-temperature Solders and ECAs on Flexible Direct-Write Additive Circuits Pradeep Lall, Ph.D., Auburn University Assembly and Reliability of a Novel High Density Dual Row MaxQFP Andrew Mawer, NXP Semiconductors Inc. Rework Practices and Advances for Minileds and other Highly Miniaturized SMT Components Neil O'Brien, Finetech Heterogenous Integration using Fan-out Wafer-level Packaging (FOWLP) Technology to Produce High Performance and Low-Cost Multi-Chip Modules Cliff Sandstrom, Deca Technologies, Inc. A Fracture Mechanics-based Approach to Simulate Die Pick-up Process Sandeep Shantaram, Ph.D., NXP Semicondutors Inc. Assembly Optimization for Thin Flip-Chip Chip-Scale Packages Trent Uehling, NXP Semicondutors Inc. High Performance and Reliability Tuesday, November 1 Effect of Matte-Sn Electro- plating Parameters on the Thermo-mechanical Reliability of Lead-free Solder Joints Abhilaash Ajith Kumar, Ph.D., Robert Bosch GmbH Conformal Coating Prevention, Temperature Dependence and Physical Analysis of Resistor Silver Sulfide Corrosion Eric Campbell, IBM Corporation Reliability of Different Solder Joint Alloys in Thermal Cycling and Drop Shock Tests Sa'd Hamasha, Ph.D., Auburn University Combined Alloy and Flux Approach Toward Cost-effective High Reliable Solder Joints for Automotive Applications Stefan Merlau, Heraeus Deutschland GmbH Conformal Coating Testing in Various Test Environments Prabjit Singh, Ph.D., IBM Corporation SMTAI Technical Program Schedule

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