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70 SMT007 MAGAZINE I OCTOBER 2022 I-Connect007 eBook Introduction: The Evolving NPI Process E anks to marketing and advances in technol- ogy, we have all come to expect that the elec- tronic products we buy will be closely aligned to our individual and specific lifestyle or busi- ness requirements. is expected variability as well as regulatory compliance and a changing global economic landscape, has made design- ing and producing new products a challenging prospect. CIL Expands with New Semiconductor Packaging, Power Device and PCBA Manufacturing Facility E Custom Interconnect Ltd. (CIL) is excited to announce that it is creating an advanced semi- conductor packaging, power device and vol- ume PCB Assembly (PCBA) manufacturing facility in the UK. Catching Up With ExcelTech's Matt Redhead E is is a story of hope for the future of our industry. Matt Redhead is a young entrepre- neur who started his career in customer service and sales, but always had his sights set on own- ing a business. Recently, he achieved his dream by becoming the fourth owner of a 46-year-old contract manufacturing business just outside of Portland, Oregon. Maggie Benson's Journey: Teaching About Solder Paste E Indium Corporation's Ron Lasky continues this series columns of Maggie Benson, a fic- tional character, to demonstrate the continu- ous improvement in SMT assembly. In this installment, Maggie and her fiancé, John, note the positive changes at Ivy-Benson Electron- ics and attribute the change to two employ- ees who really stepped up to the challenge of learning. A Framework for Managing Supply Chain Disruption E Recently, the 200-plus companies that use our soware to power their digital supply chain processes have been, half-jokingly, pondering the same line during period customer success meetings: "If only CalcuQuote could create parts out of thin air." It was asked oen enough that we made it into our April Fool's Joke of 2022. Thriving Through Greater EMS Collaboration E Events of the past two years have clearly dem- onstrated the value of strong trading relation- ships. When materials become constrained, as in the recent microchip shortage or any of the pandemic-driven supply chain snafus, the companies that have those materials have a choice to make. Passing the Test With SMTA's Rob Boguski E Rob Boguski, president of Fremont, Califor- nia-based Datest and an SMTA vice president and board member, explains why today's test customers are asking for more information than the traditional pass/fail, offers a preview of SMTA International, and gives an update on SMTA's planning strategy for the next five years.

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