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4 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I OCTOBER 2022 FEATURE COLUMNS Let's Get Small by Andy Shaughnessy Ultra High-Density Circuit Board Design by Vern Solberg Scaling PCB Design to the Power of 10 by Kelly Dack FEATURE INTERVIEWS Ultra HDI Primer with Herb Snogren The Learning Curve for Ultra HDI Q&A with Tara Dunn Forming Standards for Ultra HDI Q&A with Jan Pedersen FEATURE ARTICLE A Designer's Point of View by Cherie Litson 8 42 64 10 32 48 20 OCTOBER 2022 • FEATURE CONTENTS It is tough to get much smaller than ultra HDI. This is a whole new level of miniaturization for most PCB designers and fabricators. UHDI folks speak in terms of microns, not mils. And everything changes when you start working with 15-micron lines and spaces. For this issue, we asked some of the top UHDI experts to share their knowledge about designing and fab- ricating these tiny features. Join us as we journey to UHDI and beyond! To UHDI and Beyond! 10 32 48 64

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