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42 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I OCTOBER 2022 To facilitate new generations of high I/O semiconductor packaging, circuit board tech- nology is undergoing significant refinement in both fabrication process methods and base materials selected. Many of the new high-func- tion semiconductor package families require significantly more terminals than their pre- decessors. Interconnecting these very fine- pitch, high I/O semiconductors can dramati- cally affect the procedures used in both circuit board design and assembly processing. When defining the complexity level for the HDI circuit, the designer will first establish a criterion for fabricating the circuit board. is will include the board outline, thickness limitation, and any special features required for the end product. A clear objective will be Ultra High Density Circuit Board Design established to identify the maximum number of circuit layers that are to be dedicated to sig- nal routing and the number of layers reserved for power and ground distribution. Establish- ing the required number of signal layers will be determined by the overall component density and interconnect complexity. Interconnect Capacity Analysis is analysis is based on the board's usable area. To determine the basic component area, the designer will first compile the mechanical outline specifications and electrical data for both active and passive components. Mini- mum clearances for assembly processing and in-process inspection must be considered as well as the spacing reserved for surface circuit Designers Notebook Feature Column by Vern Solberg, CONSULTANT

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