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48 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I OCTOBER 2022 Feature Q&A with Jan Pedersen NCAB GROUP To get the latest news about ultra high-den- sity interconnections (UHDI), we checked in with Jan Pedersen, NCAB Group's director of technology. Jan is co-chair of IPC D-33-AP Subcommittee, and a great source of overall DFM expertise as well. We asked him to give us a snapshot of UHDI in the industry, where we're headed, and what this means to PCB designers. Q: How do you define ultra HDI? What is the cutoff in mils or microns? A: UHDI is defined in the IPC UHDI task group as a PCB design with lines and spaces below 50 microns, dielectric thickness below 50 microns, and microvias below 75 microns. Forming Standards for Ultra HDI ese are attributes beyond the existing IPC- 2226 Producibility level C. Q: Tell us about your work on IPC's UHDI committee. What are you working on right now? Are the standards keeping up with UHDI technology? A: e UHDI task group has now developed a basic description and parameters. We are ready to hand over our work to the next group at IPC to start building the standards structure, start- ing with design, followed by performance and acceptance standards. e standards will keep up with UHDI tech- nology, but this will need our full attention for the standard to reflect current production capabilities globally. Q: Much of the ultra HDI we see involves semi- additive technology. Can you clear up the dif-

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