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6 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I OCTOBER 2022 COLUMNS Routing Strategies to Minimize Radiation by Barry Olney The ABCs of Clean Schematics by Matt Stevenson Thermal Management Isn't Getting Easier by John Coonrod Noise Mitigation in Power Planes by Istvan Novak Avoiding Conformal Coating Pitfalls by Saskia Hogan Unblocking Innovation With a Component Digital Thread by Matt Walsh FOCUS ON FLEX Market and Tech Convergence: Electrically Conductive Inks by Stan Farnsworth The Chameleon of Interconnection Technologies by Joe Fjelstad The Printed Electronics Roundtable, Part 3 with John Lee, Kevin Miller, Tom Bianchi, Mike Wagner, and John Voultos SHORTS Discovery of New Nanowire Assembly Process Could Enable More Powerful Computer Chips A World First: Self-calibrated Photonic IC: New Interchange for Optical Data Superhighways Infographic: Anatomy of Ultra HDI At the Water's Edge: Self-assembling 2D Materials at a Liquid-Liquid Interface Researchers Develop Novel Spectrum Sensing Technique for 6G-oriented Intelligent IoT Communications DEPARTMENTS Career Opportunities Educational Resource Center Advertiser Index & Masthead HIGHLIGHTS MilAero007 PCB007 Flex007 Top Ten Editor's Picks 30 39 51 61 85 97 108 109 40 62 80 94 26 36 52 56 70 74 82 86 88 OCTOBER 2022 • ADDITIONAL CONTENTS 36

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