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88 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I OCTOBER 2022 Interview by Andy Shaughnessy I-CONNECT007 We recently conducted a roundtable with a team of printed electronic circuit experts from companies that run the gamut: John Lee and Kevin Miller of Insulectro, Mike Wagner of Butler Technologies, Tom Bianchi of East- print, and John Voultos of Sheldahl Flexible Technologies. In the first part of this roundtable, the team dispelled a variety of myths surrounding PEC. In the second part of the roundtable, the par- ticipants discussed what designers and fabrica- tors need to know to jump into printed elec- tronics, and some of the drivers behind this growing technology. In this third and final installment of the roundtable, these experts discuss some of the differences and similarities between PEC and traditional PCB processes, the future of printed electronic circuits, and why the best way to learn about this technology is through networking with veterans of this segment who are eager to share their expertise with the next generation. Mike Wagner: Andy, another myth I hear is that printed electronics has not arrived yet. But depending on what you look at, there have been PEC heaters and electroluminescent lamps in cars for years. Diabetes test trips have been around a long time. ose are printed elec- tronics. Diagnostic strips have been around for years. It's there, but either people don't realize or they're just starting to classify it as such. I see it starting to bloom across industries and technologies. Kevin Miller: We're working with DuPont on some inks that will potentially cross over to PCB since we know both technologies and we know their process. ere are some resistor inks that will take out a lot of steps in making a printed cir- cuit board. ere are polyimide coverlay prod- The Printed Electronics Roundtable, Part 3

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