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4 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I NOVEMBER 2022 FEATURE INTERVIEW The Physics of PCB Design with Eric Bogatin FEATURE ARTICLES My Experience With Maxwell by Happy Holden Electronics vs. Physics: Why Vias Don't Get Hot by Doug Brooks and Johannes Adam Physics, Electrical Engineering, and PCB Design by Tamara Jovanovic FEATURE COLUMNS It's All About Physics—Or Is It? by Andy Shaughnessy Forget What You Were Taught by Barry Olney Fitting Physics to Fact by Martyn Gaudion 10 20 28 46 8 22 38 NOVEMBER 2022 • FEATURE CONTENTS Lately, some design instructors have been advocating for a return to the fundamentals of physics. Are today's PCB designers spending too much time studying Moore's Law and not enough on Maxwell's equations? In this issue, our experts explain why designers need to understand concepts like field effects as well as circuit theory, and how the disciplines work together symbiotically. A Fight to the Physics 10 46 38 20

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