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64 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I NOVEMBER 2022 Although it's been more years than I care to admit, I still remember very clearly the class on careers I was required to take in junior high school. On a table in the front of the class were several boxes filled with all sorts of different job cards that a student would search through to learn about different professions. Each card listed the schooling and experience required for that particular job, its expected responsibil- ities and duties, and an estimated salary. Our assignment was to choose a handful of these cards that interested us, study them, and then list the reasons why we would or wouldn't pur- sue those jobs as a career. As you might have guessed, I blew the assign- ment. To be fair, the concept of preparing for a career simply wasn't real for me at that point in my life, and I certainly didn't have any goals in mind for my future. Looking back on it now, I realize that this class was intended for stu- dents like me who needed to discover what the future held for them, but I missed its inten- tions entirely. Instead, my focus in those days was band class, biking all over town with my friends, and girls—and not necessarily in that order. So, if I remember correctly, to pull at least a passing grade I gave the careers assign- ment a half-hearted attempt and pulled cards for an airline pilot, astronaut, and an actor. ings that sounded fun but were not very realistic. I really wish now that I had pulled the job cards for a profession in design, electronics, or engineering. If so, then perhaps I might have chosen a path to PCB design much earlier than I did. However, I would be willing to bet that if I could go back in time and look through those What More Do We Need to Know? Tim's Takeaways by Tim Haag, FIRST PAGE SAGE

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