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10 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I NOVEMBER 2022 In this wide-ranging interview, Dr. Eric Boga- tin discusses the relationship between physics and electrical theory, and why it's critical for designers and design engineers to understand the laws of physics. As he points out, the math is important, but designers shouldn't let the principles of physics "hide behind the math." Eric discusses some points of physics that designers need to understand, the physics resources available, and why it's so impor- tant to have some understanding of Maxwell's equations, even if you don't have a strong math background. Andy Shaughnessy: Eric, we oen hear that designers needs to focus on physics, not just circuit theory. Since you have two physics degrees and you teach signal integrity, what The Physics of PCB Design do you feel most designers are missing in terms of the physics? Eric Bogatin: First, let me understand the terms that we're going to use. When you say physics, are you talking about EM fields and Maxwell's equations? Let's talk about the terms. Happy Holden: Other than Newton, James Max- well helped define modern physics. He didn't discover magnetic fields, but he certainly showed the relationship. We're constantly talking about signal integrity problems, and Moore's Law is driving and challenging Max- well's laws. ey're both important. Bogatin: Moore's Law is what drives the ever- finer feature sizes and transistors, the channels. Feature Interview by the I-Connect007 Editorial Team

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