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80 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I DECEMBER 2022 Several years ago, a report came out of St. Louis of a strange apartment on the market. It was in the community of Central West End. With a small floor plan of only 200 square feet, the entire bathroom was placed right in the middle of the kitchen. It gives new meaning to the studio apartment. In real estate, it's pretty uncommon to find the bathroom in the kitchen; but metaphorically speaking, it's done all the time in a PCB design (ouch). PCB Carolina has been growing consistently for the past decade, and this year the show reached a milestone: more than 1,000 attendees. The show was the busiest I've ever seen it; I almost had to park off the NC State University campus. Fortu- nately, I'm an expert at "the parking lot game." I waited until a guy was leaving and then I sniped his spot. Bam! Inductive kick has been a well-known phenomenon in the electronic industry from very early on. First associated with motors, AC-mains transformers and mechanical relays, people noticed large voltage spikes when the current-carrying circuit was opened. Later, as more sophisticated electronic circuits emerged, the same thing was noticed any time current was chang- ing through an inductor, or for that matter, through any inductance. To facilitate new generations of high I/O semicon- ductor packag- ing, circuit board technology is undergoing significant refinement in both fabrication process methods and base mate- rials selected. Many of the new high-function semiconductor package families require sig- nificantly more terminals than their predeces- sors. Interconnecting these very fine-pitch, high I/O semiconductors can dramatically affect the procedures used in both circuit board design and assembly processing. TOP TEN PCB Carolina Breaks Attendance Record Quiet Power: Noise Mitigation in Power Planes Elementary, Mr. Watson: Is Your Bathroom in the Kitchen? EDITOR'S PICKS Designers Notebook: Ultra High-Density Circuit Board Design

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