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16 SMT007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2023 The I-Connect007 Editorial Team asked IPC Chief Technologist Matt Kelly: Will you help us understand what advanced packaging means? is informative conversation touched on topics for both assembly and board fabri- cation. To that end, we will present this con- versation in two parts. In this issue of SMT007 Magazine, Matt helps define not only what advanced packaging is, but the approach EMS companies must take when looking ahead. ink it's about just adding some new equip- ment and soware? ink again. ere are logistics, onboarding, and so much more. To read an excerpt from this interview that was previously published in the November 2022 issue of PCB007 Magazine, click here. Nolan Johnson: Matt, I was on the exhibition floor at a technical conference recently and heard a lot of questions about advanced pack- aging: What is it, how does it apply, what does it mean to EMS providers, etc.? Would you help to define and provide a framework about advanced packaging? Matt Kelly: ere are two terms to define. An advanced package is an electronic component; it's as simple as that. It has a few elements—it's comprised of a semiconductor chip (typically silicon) and an interposer and/or substrate— followed by interconnection and assembly of the component. Advanced packaging is the process by which these elements are inte- grated, assembled, and tested. Advanced pack- ages represent a very specific class of electronic components called active devices. ey are called active devices because they contain sili- con that provides compute, memory, or other logical device functions. Advanced packaging is critical because the combination of perfor- mance, reliability, cost, and functionality that future consumers are demanding can only be The Nuts and Bolts of Advanced Packaging Feature Interview by the I-Connect007 Editorial Team

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