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68 SMT007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2023 Feature Article by Sam Sadri QP TECHNOLOGIES Chip packaging for military and aerospace applications must meet stringent requirements for robustness, longevity, and cost savings. Open-cavity plastic packaging has a proven history and a bright future for this market. Ceramic packages were, for many years, the option of choice for semiconductor proto- type assembly, particularly in military-aero- space applications. ey can withstand high temperatures and can be hermetically sealed. However, they can be costly and, while they allow for rapid assembly of first samples, the final product is typically a plastic package, so the ceramic prototype doesn't offer an accu- rate representation. is need for a better, more viable alternative to ceramic was one of the catalysts that gave rise to open-cavity plas- tic packaging (OCPP). OCPP is the ideal platform for new IC pro- totypes because the packages are mechani- cally and electrically identical to a chipmak- er's future transfer-molded production parts. ey can be prepared in advance and stored for assembly as soon as the wafers and/or die are ready. OCPP is made to withstand the test of time. is article looks at the benefits and advan- tages of OCPP and describes a real-world proj- ect that illustrates why utilizing OCPP for device designs offers a cost-effective solution for low- to mid-volume packaging destined for mil-aero end applications. The Need for a Secure Supply Semiconductor manufacturers have always striven to optimize utilization of their fab, pack- aging and assembly resources. e global pan- demic and subsequent supply-chain issues that began in 2020 created shortages that have ele- vated the need to maximize these resources— and to revisit or take a new look at existing solu- tions with attractive time and cost benefits. Durability and Cost Benefits Drive Mil-Aero Demand for OCPP

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