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10 SMT007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2023 What is the role of an engineer? In my defini- tion, an engineer plays a crucial role in bridging science and society. In this spirit, e National Academies of Engineering (one of the triad Academies of e National Academy of Sci- ence, Engineering, and Medicine) recently ini- tiated a video interview series with the theme, "Today's Engineers—Creating a Better World." I was invited to be one of several interviewees for the series. What follows are excerpts from that conversation. What inspired you to become an engineer? I would not be where I am today without the encouragement and support of my family; at home, as the emphasis was on learn- ing, exceling, and reaching for the stars. Edu- cation was of ultimate importance. During my formative years, I was fortunate to spend abun- dant time with my grandfather, who showered me with his intellect and wisdom. I am eter- nally grateful and cherish what I was given. In a nutshell, I was not a kid who gravitated to one subject. During my school days, girls who pursued science and engineering were considered "smart." I wanted to be smart, so I pursued science. At the same time, I was also intrigued by what felt like "the other side of the world," namely fashion, dancing, and singing. ree of my four academic degrees are in science: chemistry, liquid crystal science, and physical chemistry. e exciting part was mov- ing into engineering. I was recruited by Case Western Reserve University as the first woman Creating a Better World Through Engineering SMT Prospects and Perspectives by Dr. Jennie S. Hwang, CEO, H-TECHNOLOGIES GROUP

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