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74 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I JANUARY 2023 As signal speeds continue to increase and feature sizes decrease, PCB designers are beginning to pay greater attention to test and design for test (DFT) strategies. Bert Horner, president of The Test Connection in Hunt Valley, Maryland, is spearheading this drive to show designers the benefits of a solid DFT plan, as well as the downside of not having a test strategy. Most resin systems in use today are extremely complex products with elaborate chemical formulations. Process characteristics and final prop- erties are usually adjusted by the manufacturer to suit the customer's requirements, yet resin technology is often overlooked. Ralph Morrison was a physicist who promoted the belief that electromagnetic energy flows in spaces, not the traces. That energy does not flow in the copper traces of a PCB, but rather the energy follows the traces acting as a waveguide and propagates through the dielectric material. I see digital automation as the sim- plification of manual tasks that have been optimized in the digi- tal world to a point where they require the least amount of effort to successfully do what they are required to do in the real world. TOP TEN Sensible Design: Encapsulation Resins—PU vs. Epoxy Beyond Design: Forget What You Were Taught The Test Connection: Spreading the Word About DFT Bert Horner EDITOR'S PICKS Digital Transformation: Leveraging Digital Automation to Accelerate PCB Design

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