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36 SMT007 MAGAZINE I FEBRUARY 2023 Feature Article by Dan Beaulieu D.B. MANAGEMENT GROUP Just because you haven't exhibited at a trade show or conference you still can find plenty of value for being there. From the technical con- ference sessions to professional development, the keynote speakers and myriad receptions, there's so much to keep you busy once you get back home. You see, if you're spending your company's money to be at a show, you want to be sure you spend quality time on the show floor. Manage- ment back at home will want to know what you saw, what you learned, and what you think your company should do based on that information. Be sure you're clear on your "why," and it will make all the difference. Ten Expert Reasons to Walk a Trade Show Are you ready? Here are my top 10 trade show action strategies based on years of trade show experience: 1. Find customers. Meet with potential cus- tomers who might buy your products. is is a perfect time to meet and spend quality time with them, educate them about your products and hopefully convert them. 2. Check out new equipment. A show is lit- erally a showcase of all the new equipment on the market today. It's a great time to check what is being introduced, and an even better time to buy. Tip: You can get great deals on show demo models. Equipment manufacturers would love

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