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42 SMT007 MAGAZINE I FEBRUARY 2023 Mitchell Kim: e biggest thing that customers need to oversee is having dedicated resources to implement these systems. People are short- handed as is, but that kind of planning really benefits any system. You need to have quali- fied personnel and resources to be part of the implementation process, so that should get developed early on. From there, you move into internal screening and try to keep information flowing internally so that the process can be sustainable. Johnson: On the application side, how oen is Koh Young involved in guiding a customer through what they need to do? Kim: Most of the time, the decision-mak- ing process is taking place on the front end. Aerward, there's a follow-up on the process Feature Interview by Nolan Johnson I-CONNECT007 With machine installs somewhere in the range of 500 new annually and award-win- ning customer and field service, Koh Young has a commanding perspective on the evalu- ation, purchase, and installation processes for new equipment. We spoke with Mitchell Kim, applications engineer manager; Brent Fisch- thal, senior manager of Americas marketing and regional sales; and David Nemeth, Koh Young's service manager for the U.S. and Can- ada, on what they see as the best practices for acquiring the right capital equipment. Nolan Johnson: As experts in designing, manu- facturing, selling, and servicing capital equip- ment for PCB manufacturing, what's your best advice for customers? How should they move from the decision to purchase a piece of equip- ment to installing it? Koh Young: Getting Equipment In-Line and Customers Online

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