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FEBRUARY 2023 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 71 Saki Corporation, an innovator in the field of automated optical and X-ray inspection equipment, announces that it has developed a high-speed camera head with an optical resolution of 15μm that achieves high-performance quality inspection with the industry's fastest cycle time as a new option for the latest 3Di series of next-generation in-line 3D automated optical inspection (3D-AOI) equipment. With the need to move design data efficiently into manufactur- ing for assembly and test pur- poses, starting from a single source of intelligent data seems to be obvious. However, with different applications with dif- ferent capabilities this can be difficult to achieve. Real-world support for any format can vary between machine and software vendors. Indium Corporation is pleased to announce that Robert Atwood has joined the company as senior manager corporate quality. Over the past two years, we've written about the heterogenous integration roadmap, as well as reported on the October 2022 IPC Advanced Packaging Symposium in Washington, D.C. Green Circuits is pleased to announce that the appointment of its new CEO, Michael Hinshaw, has led to growth sig- nificantly outpacing the market while delivering exceptional performance serving highly sophisticated and demanding customers since his arrival 18 months ago. For the latest news and information, visit Next-generation 3D-AOI Camera Heads From Saki Now Allow Easy On-site Interchangeability Green Circuits Sees Strong Growth with New CEO Nolan's Notes: Advanced Packaging Indium Corporation Hires New Senior Manager for Corporate Quality For many, blindly going where no one has gone before is just a normal day in the factory. As new products are introduced, manufac- turing is expected to provide perfect products based primarily on assumptions and reverse engineering. Smart Factory Insights: An Unblinkered View Book Excerpt: 'The Electronics Industry's Guide to… The Evolving PCB NPI', Chapter 3

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