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10 SMT007 MAGAZINE I FEBRUARY 2023 Interview by Nolan Johnson I-CONNECT007 About a year ago, we interviewed Michael Kottke, CEO at Rocket EMS. at interview paid close attention to how Rocket EMS's in- house soware suite named Voyager improved processes across the company. Now we're checking in to get Michael's perspective on the current market's shiing dynamics, and what he's got his eye on as Rocket EMS moves into 2023. Nolan Johnson: Michael, as a growing EMS pro- vider, what's most on your mind these days? Michael Kottke: If you look at our agenda, and ask about what markets we are supporting, you'll see we're doing a lot of stuff in space, as well as high-end networking, and high- end computing. We're seeing a lot of security- driven devices. Who knew that China could be a security risk? I've been shocked at how oen I'm approached about building product in the U.S.—product that they used to build in China or Taiwan. We're seeing the more com- plicated, more traceability- and more process- driven stuff, so that's what we're going aer. With all that, I think we'll have another good growth year. Johnson: A while ago, you mentioned that there was a regional rather than global geo- graphic effect as well. Kottke: I'm surprised at how many people want to do business in [Rocket EMS's] Carson City [Nevada facility] as a cost-savings measure. e cost savings from here in California to Nevada Michael Kottke: Growing With Greenfield Sites

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