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16 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I FEBRUARY 2023 Feature Interview by Andy Shaughnessy I-CONNECT007 When silicon shrinks, a variety of things can happen—some positive, some negative. But for PCB designers, the fight against EMI becomes more complex as signal channels shrink and rise times increase. Dan Beeker is technical director at NXP Semiconductors, a veteran design engineer, and an instructor who has spent years helping students and customers battle EMI through building a better understanding of electro- magnetic fields and field theory. In this inter- view, Dan explains what happens when silicon shrinks, how feature size controls signal speed, and why this marks the perfect time to return to the fundamentals of physics and field theory. Andy Shaughnessy: Shrinking silicon is increas- ingly causing EMI issues for PCB designers and EEs. What sort of problems does shrink- ing silicon cause? Dan Beeker: Smaller device geometries and higher current switching capabilities have thrust us all into the world of RF, HF, UHF, and microwave energy management. Rise times on even the lowest-tech devices now exhibit giga- hertz impact. ese changes directly impact product functionality and reliability. When IC technology was described as a percent of shrink from integer design rules, a circuit-based approach was usually close enough. Now that Shrinking Geometries: Back to Fundamentals to Fight EMI

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