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4 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I FEBRUARY 2023 FEATURE INTERVIEWS Shrinking Silicon, Growing Signal Integrity Challenges with Kris Moyer Shrinking Geometries: Back to Fundamentals to Fight EMI with Dan Beeker Shrinking Silicon, EMI, and SI with Todd Hubing FEATURE COLUMNS Shrinking Silicon: A Warp Speed Facilitator by Andy Shaughnessy Displacement Current: The Key to Electromagnetic Energy Propagation by Barry Olney, with Special Advisor Rick Hartley 10 16 44 8 22 FEBRUARY 2023 • FEATURE CONTENTS The need for designers to understand EM effects is greater than ever as silicon continues to shrink, driving up signal speeds and rise times. In this issue, readers will learn the causes and effects of silicon shrinkage, including the need to better manage EM strategies—as well as signal integrity—on their PCB designs. Shrinking Silicon: A Warp Speed Facilitator 10 44 16 22

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