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34 DESIGN007 MAGAZINE I FEBRUARY 2023 In this interview, Saline Lectronics (an Emer- ald EMS company) President Jason Sciberras talks about PCB designers offering packag- ing options in the bill of materials. As Jason explains, mil/aero manufacturers like Saline can't make many changes to a design with- out getting recertified, so including approved packaging options in the BOM from the start is a great way to go. Are you offering options in your BOM? Andy Shaughnessy: It seems like designers are getting more adept, through necessity, at designing with a back-up plan in mind. We're hearing more about having to redesign as much as a quarter of the board because of sup- ply chain issues. Sometimes they're trying to Are You Offering Options in Your Bill of Materials? find two or three components that are avail- able to make up for the one that they wanted, so they end up using more real estate. Are you running into that? Jason Sciberras: We do a lot of military and aerospace work, so those changes just aren't possible. ey would have to go through recertification and the changes are difficult. e shi that's coming in the industry is that designers are getting smarter. We're starting to see some of them designing alternate packages right into the circuit boards so that if this ever comes back, we'll all think we're getting toward the backend of this thing and eventually it will get better here. But when we come into the next one—because there's Interview by the I-Connect007 Editorial Team

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