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60 I-CONNECT007 I REAL TIME WITH... IPC APEX EXPO 2023 SHOW & TELL MAGAZINE Barry Matties sits down with Henry Crandall, the newly minted Student Board Member on the IPC Board of Directors, to talk about how Henry became the first PhD student in electrical engineering in his family, as well as how his role on the IPC Board will allow him to represent the voices of students and young professionals interested in shaping the future of both IPC and the industry. Henry, congratulations, you are now the Student Board Member on the IPC Board of Directors. Tell us, what does it take to become a student board member? Thank you. There's a small application pro- cess. You send in some materials about your background, qualifications, and your resume. Then there's a couple of short questions to answer about why you might be a good fit, what you would contribute, etc. This year, they also asked us to film a short video intro- ducing ourselves and explaining why we should be the next student board member. What was your motivation in pursuing this role? I've been involved with IPC for a couple of years; I was part of the founding group that put a student chapter at my university. Some- one from the IPC Education Foundation brought this opportunity to my attention. They told me I'd be a really great fit and that I should check it out. We've been in close touch with (IPCEF Senior Director) Charlene (Gunter du Plessis) ever since. This is my first year at APEX EXPO, too. It's been awesome so far. That's great. Tell us about what you're doing, your studies, and what you hope to accom- plish in your career. I did my undergrad in electrical engineer- ing, and now I'm pursuing a PhD in the same field, but with a different flavor. Now I'm in a more biomedical-facing field. My research is currently focused on electromagnetism and biology. In general, I'm trying to come up with novel algorithms and methods to moni- tor health through wearable devices. That's a very popular topic right now. There's an amazing market for that. Yes, and I think there's just a huge need, because there's currently a gap between what clinically happens at the doctor's office vs. what we could be monitoring at home. Meet Henry Crandall: New IPC Student Board Member Interview by Barry Matties • I-CONNECT007 Henry Crandall with former student board mem- bers Paige Fiet (left) and Hannah Nelson (right).

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