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74 PCB007 MAGAZINE I FEBRUARY 2023 e second thing is—and this goes right back to supplier partnerships—we have very stringent security standards around how to communicate with the equipment that we use. For instance, we won't allow equipment manufactur- ers to connect to our environment for maintenance absent strict contro l s and ob s er vat ion . Explaining those requirements and rationale for them is a cen- tral part of the relationship we cultivate with each supplier; we let them know both what we expect and, more importantly, why we have that expecta- tion. at joint awareness is especially impor- tant in today's threat environment. Again, understanding the customers that we serve, their expectations, and our responsibilities— especially our grave responsibility to ensure that what we're delivering is exactly what they and we expect—all that begins right on the manufacturing floor with what traverses our digital networks. We also make sure that the people who enter our controlled spaces are aware of our standards and expectations from the very outset. at's been a real suc- cess story for us. What's your advice right now to other shops looking at equipment? Most of them are probably brownfield rather than greenfield, but out of all the aspects to this process, what's the one key lesson you would want them to know? Hall: Pick the right partner. Make sure they align well with you. Hendrickson: I would agree w ith that. I would add that in today's env ironment of component availability short- ages and logistics issues, planning is critical in ensuring the success of your project. Everyone is having supply issues with all kinds of com- ponents, and that's challenging, so plan for and expect delays in today's environment. Harrill: at goes hand-in-hand with the one message we could expound upon all day: the cultivation of our close supplier partnerships spans years and requires constant commu- nication to build and sustain trust, especially when there's a need to communicate bad news. You want to hear oen and early about any challenges a supplier may be facing; we're all suppliers and customers to somebody and being that good partner on the other end means ensuring that bi-directional transpar- ency is always there. is is something we have practiced for decades, and it continues to pay off. This has been very helpful. Hall: ank you for the opportunity, Nolan. We appreciate it. Harrill: ank you, Nolan. Hendrickson: ank you. PCB007 Frank Harrill The horizontal electroless copper plating line.

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