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MARCH 2023 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 63 Aer 18 years of develop- ment, you have custom- ers in many countries and are involved in many industries. What is the key strategy and exclusive approach of Vayo's development? For 18 years, we have been committed to studying var- ious difficulties in the process of new product design and manu- facturing, and developing vari- ous intelligent soware tools to help customers reduce errors, risks, and costs, as well as improve efficiency and quality. Our products have been recognized by many top OEM and EMS customers from various indus- tries, and EMS customers are mostly the top enterprises in the world. In addition, we also have small- and medium-sized enterprises that focus on proofing as our customers. Like every enterprise that strives for excel- lence, we have implemented two major devel- opment strategies: listening to customer needs and continuous innovation. On one hand, we oen interact with customers, listening to how they use the soware and where they would like to see improvement. We also analyze the challenges faced by the industrial develop- ment; we constantly explore new technolo- gies, research new methods, and create bet- ter products. For example, the DFM product Production in the SMT indus- try is highly automated, but pre- production process prepara- tion is dependent on engineer- ing and technical personnel. If there is no efficient soware to assist with the daily complex and repetitive work, it is tiring for engineers. So, several of our like-minded partners targeted these industrial challenges by coming together to find tools that allow for greater efficiency for engineering and technical personnel in the SMT industry. Our goal is to develop intelligent, automatic, and poka-yoke tools to simplify the daily complex tasks of cus- tomers that will make their work easier and more efficient. Vayo Technology now has a professional team of more than 90 people, and through more than 10 years of continuous research and development, it has overcome a series of technical challenges. Today, Vayo has a series of soware products with more than 20 solu- tions, including DFM and SMT experts, a test expert, a stencil designer, and experts in doc- ument, view, and SPI. We have more than 40 invention patents at home and abroad, and our soware has been used by more than 500 enterprises in more than 20 countries and regions around the world. Our applica- tion fields include communication networks, computer technology, con- sumer electronics, automo- biles and their parts, rail transit, energ y, security, medical treatment, indus- trial interconnection equip- ment, and education. Our user types include multina- tional companies, foreign companies, joint ventures, private companies, and various scientific research institutions. Howard Liu

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