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MARCH 2023 I DESIGN007 MAGAZINE 89 In the ECAD/EDA world, we still focus mostly on simulation and fit to enclosure, but there is so much more that goes into full-scale product development, and the ECAD software world should start to move much faster toward the goals I outline below. When silicon shrinks, a variety of things can happen—some positive, some negative. But for PCB designers, the fight against EMI becomes more complex as signal channels shrink and rise times increase. In this interview, Dan Beeker explains what happens when silicon shrinks, how feature size controls signal speed, and why this marks the perfect time to return to the fundamentals of physics and field theory. The propagation of elec- tromagnetic energy can be controlled in several ways depending on the medium the energy is traveling in. However, electromagnetic waves do not require a medium to propagate. This means that electromagnetic waves can travel not only through liquids, solids, and air, but also through the vacuum of space. Keysight Technologies has acquired Cliosoft and will be adding the company's line of hardware design data and intellectual property (IP) management software tools to its portfolio of electronic design automation (EDA) solutions. During prototype design, manufacturers need effec- tive communication and coordinated effort to ensure they get the quality boards their projects need to succeed. Close col- laboration with a domestic PCB manufacturer offers more transparency during the manufacturing pro- cess, accelerates issue resolution, increases yield, and—most importantly—improves PCB quality. Andy Shaughnessy sits down with product specialist Erik Bateham, a new hire at Polar Instruments. Erik explains his circuitous route into circuit analysis tools. He also discusses the challenges that Polar's customers are facing, and how user input drives Polar's software development. For the latest news and information, visit Beyond Design: Displacement Current—The Key to Electro- magnetic Energy Propagation Shrinking Geometries: Back to Fundamentals to Fight EMI PCB Designers Are Really Product Designers Real Time with... IPC APEX EXPO 2023: Polar Driving Software Development for Customers Keysight Expands EDA Software Portfolio with the Acquisition of Cliosoft Connect the Dots: Medical Technology—How PCBs Help Save Lives

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