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70 SMT007 MAGAZINE I APRIL 2023 Over seven years ago, I put pen to paper to enumerate the top challenges needing to be overcome for a successful BGA rework. With the continued advancement of BGA technology, it's time to apply a fresh coat of paint to that list. Read on to find out my revised take on today's top BGA rework challenges. Are progress and evolution in the industry driven by collective hive minds, business opportunity, and thought leadership, or is it just through random events? I believe it's all the above. The real question about progress is better related to the strategy of how we balance differentiation with our contribution to common industry goals that bring about business opportunity, and then how we apply that same strategy to the tools and services that we use. In this engaging, 12-part micro webinar series, Koh Young topic expert Ivan Aduna examines the role inspection systems will play in the next industrial revolution. Viewers will learn about secure data collection, AI-powered solutions to manage and analyze data, and how to leverage IPC CFX-QPL to succeed in the transformation to Industry 4.0. Knocking Down the Bone Pile: 2023's Top Challenges in BGA Rework Smart Factory Insights: Differentiation, Community, and Composability I-Connect007 Launches New Micro Webinar Series: 'Smarter Manufacturing Enabled With Inspection Data' TOP TEN EDITOR'S PICKS Given that the launch of a new PCB fab is a rare occasion these days, we caught up with the senior team who is guiding the buildout of Alpha Circuit's brand new 44,000 square foot facility. They discuss what goes into equipment selection and line design, and the timing couldn't have been better. Alpha Takes the Greenfield Route Michael Ford

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