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APRIL 2023 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 71 An A-Team under the IPC-CFX Standard Task Group spent the past year working on a project that provides simple, readily available IPC- CFX hardware with supporting SDK that can act as an IPC-CFX endpoint for existing legacy equipment. There is no doubt that innovation is on the rise. The number of new products being developed post-COVID is staggering. Our OEMs are not only upgrading their current products, making them better than ever, they are also developing new products at a very rapid rate. But what does that mean for us? Will we continue sending our products overseas? Will be willing to join forces and find solutions? Anaya Vardya gives this idea some thought. When Canadian artificial intelligence company Darwin AI was founded in 2017, machine learning and deep learning were still relatively new terms. In the past five years, CEO Sheldon Fernandez and his team have been working with this technology to develop some foundational IP to simplify implementation. We recently heard President Biden's State of the Union address, and it got me thinking that perhaps now is a good time to look at our own post- pandemic "state of the union" in the electronics manufacturing services industry. I will describe several key issues that our customers around the world are facing as we move forward into a new normal. NEOTech was recognized as one of the top suppliers for 2022 in Northrop Grumman Corporation's global network of more than 10,000 suppliers. They have earned the Strategic Excellence Award as part of Northrop Grumman's Supplier Excellence Awards to recognize top supplier partners. For the latest news and information, visit A First Look at IPC-CFX Box for Legacy Equipment NEOTech Recognized by Northrup Grumman for Supplier Excellence The EMS 'State of the Union' Darwin AI Evolving the Islands of Automation In our last episode, Sue was working on solutions to minimize solder defects that have been categorized in a Pareto Chart, whereas Andy was working on creating a training program to develop some process engineers and implementing an improvement plan developed by Chuck Tower and José Castellanos. Maggie Benson's Journey: The Finishing Touch Standard of Excellence: The Rise of NPI

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