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APRIL 2023 I SMT007 MAGAZINE 9 Personally, I see parallels between those COVID crisis management sessions, and events such as the EMS Leadership Summit, the Pan Pacific Conference hosted by SMTA, and the conferences hosted in Europe by EIPC. Sure, changing market dynamics may move more slowly and methodically than the flash flood of a viral pandemic, but the slow drip-drip of water can move the earth just as dramatically as a flood. It's just a matter of pacing; the impact can be just as significant. To that end, this issue allows the presenters of the EMS Leadership Forum a wider stage, an opportunity to reach more of the industry with their findings. We reached out to all the presenters on the agenda, and quite a few chose to participate. Attend next year's session if you want to get all the insight. I'm reminded of Mark Wolfe's piece in this issue, in which he both qualifies and quantifies the effect these sessions had on his 30-year career in EMS. Industry CEOs widely stated that the COVID leadership briefings were a critical channel for updates and information specific to our industry. Participants shared in an open forum and helped each other navigate a rapidly unfolding situation, for the survival of us all. That need to hang together continues; our industry is better for us all when there are more companies specializing in a wider range of capabilities, complementing each other. Why wouldn't we continue with that spirit? If not at the EMS Leadership Summit at IPC APEX EXPO, then somewhere else. We're much stronger when we support each other. We're always on the lookout for challenges, topics, and opportunities in EMS. Let us know what's on your mind. SMT007 Nolan Johnson is managing editor of SMT007 Magazine. Nolan brings 30 years of career experience focused almost entirely on electronics design and manufacturing. To contact Johnson, click here. The field applications engineer is a technical support engineer for marketing and salesman at technology companies. You will have the oppor- tunity to travel and work with other engineers to seal up design and product contracts. The field applications engineer works with regional sales managers, company customers, and manufacturer's representatives to design and manage technical methods for quality control to ensure compliance with the ISO laboratory accreditation. They are technically expert and knowledgeable about sales techniques to boost sales and to develop new organizational objectives by maintaining their relationship with the consultants, inspectors, subcontractors, and potential clients regularly. Some duties and responsibilities include customer assistance to help customers understand all products and services, providing technical support and configure services, and analyzing customer requirements. As a field applications engineer, Yyou will also bring new technologies and different design approaches that can make top-selling charts. Similarly, you will come up with reports and present the reports to others and the management convincingly to get their support. As the field applications engineer, you are in charge of coming up with product specifications. (Source: Careers In Electronics: Field Applications Engineer

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