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10 PCB007 MAGAZINE I APRIL 2023 Many companies in our industry are trying to hire new career-minded, long-term employ- ees, but the hiring process is costly, especially if you hire someone who doesn't work out. How do you ensure that your new hire stays on and becomes a happy, longtime employee? We recently spoke with Ventec's Frank Lorentz about his company's onboarding pro- cesses. Frank is the general manager of Ven- tec's customer and technical service, ware- house, and quick-turn facility in Germany, and he's made a career out of logistics. He walks us through his exhaustive onboarding process, which includes letting new hires make mistakes so that they can learn from them. He also dis- cusses why company culture matters, the need for trust between managers and staff, and why managers must remember that they're dealing with human beings, not machines. Barry Matties: Frank, let's start with an over- view of your onboarding process. We have different grades of onboarding. If it's a shop floor person or a supply chain man- ager, for example, it's a little bit different. It doesn't matter if you work on the shop floor or in the office, you have to understand the ERP system. erefore, we have a really detailed checklist, and this is point one. We get straight to work on the first day new employees come in. Aer a tour of our facility to meet the entire team, they get their checklist, and start with the training. Everybody is assigned a mentor, an expe- rienced employee who has been with us for a while. en you're put to work immediately and, during that time, you get a deep under- standing of our processes, which is the most Onboarding Takes Training, Technique, and Trust Feature Interview by the I-Connect007 Editorial Team

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