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40 SMT007 MAGAZINE I MAY 2023 Feature Article by Dr. Ronald C. Lasky INDIUM CORPORATION For years, I thought it would benefit the elec- tronics assembly industry to have a certifica- tion program for SMT process engineers. In the fall of 2001, I discussed this with my like- minded friends, Phil Zarrow and Jim Hall, and we developed an outline of a possible SMT cer- tification workshop and exam. Aer we were comfortable with the outline, we discussed the possibility of establishing the program with SMTA's director, JoAnn Stromberg. She was supportive and so was the SMTA Board. In what felt like record time, the first SMTA Certification Workshop took place at SMTA International 2002. From the beginning, Phil, Jim, and I were committed to the program being rigorous and comprehensive. In addi- tion, we were passionate that the exam be a problem-solving exam, not a multiple-choice SMTA Process Engineer Certification exam, as it occurred to us: "When your assem- bly line is down, God does not send a tablet with a choice of A, B, C, or D to solve your problem." e SMTA Certification Workshop we developed is three days long. Approximately half is a presentation of more than 500 slides as a review of SMT assembly. e assumption is that a candidate has quite a bit of experience coming into the workshop. So, the intent of the workshop is to review SMT assembly and cover material that the candidate might not have been exposed to. It can't be expressed enough, though, that this program is not entry level. e two-part exam consists of a brief closed book test, usually in the last part of the sec- ond day. e third day is devoted to the much

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