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ite?" Sometimes they'll say, "You told us we had to build it with this one, but this one will work, and we know how to use it. Will you test it for us?" at's how it works with some of the more medium-range materials, but the high-end stuff is all specified by the OEM down this flow, right down to the board shop. Shaughnessy: I'm looking at 4101/126, and there's a lot of information about the mate- rial. Do the designers need more than that? Yes. e information starts in the header of the slash sheet with a description of the chemistry and the type of reinforce- ment, maybe glass, glass paper, or Kevlar. It describes whether it's brominated flame- retardant or halogen-free, which is important for the designer. If they have different rules, they can see that it says bromine, or whether it's done with bromine. Some are concerned about fillers, and the glass transition range, and those are in the header as well. Items are then listed in this order: peel strength, vol- ume resistivity, surface resistivity, moisture absorption, dielectric breakdown, Dk , Df, flex strength, flex strength at elevated tem- perature, and the last one is arc resistance. Now, maybe we could say that, for exam- ple, 134, 126, 150, and 130 are all great for making low-end servers and list those in our design guide. We could do the same for aerospace, automotive, or whatever the final application is. Happy Holden: When you're focusing on what the designer needs, the history of IPC and the standards were set up for the OEM, fabricator, and the supplier. We've been weaker on the design area, so it would be good to set up a design guide to simplify the designing, especially with so many new people amidst a broader market. There's a reason we're talking about automotive: Because of electric vehicles, we're going to see 80 to 100 million additional circuit boards fabricated every year.

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